No TIN number , No posting – Hon. Kwaku Agyemang Manu tells unposted nurses

Hon.kwaku Agyemang manu

The minister for health Hon. Kwaku Agyemang has assure unposted nurses to get ready for their clearance forms early January 2019.

He laid an emphasis on the TiN registration. All unposted nurses should go to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to register for their Tin number before January 2019.

On the clearance forms, there will be a space for TIN number as well SSNIT number . He made a clear statement that, any form that don’t have TIN number will be rejected. In order to prevent delayed in your posting, it will be advisable to get your Tin number ready.

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  1. teyeali says:

    Gloria,which year


  2. When you said nurses does it cover ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS?
    AND if yes
    Why is it that when ever nurses are posted the environmental health officers will still be in the house unposted.
    And if no
    Why are they always recruiting them every year?


  3. Albert says:

    When will those nurses that will complete their rotation in 2019 around March get their clearance


  4. Gloria says:

    Please, when will the September batch also get their clearance forms.

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  5. Narh Abraham says:

    When are rotation nurses who started their rotation from September receiving their rotation allowance


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