Nabco Trainees allowance would Be paid next week – Akufo Addo Brag’s


His excellency Nana Addo has officially announce the date when nabco trainees will start receiving their allowance which is on the 12th December 2018 .

He stated, every Beneficial will receive. Ghc700 a month and it will continue every month for the three years


He enforces the regional and the municipal coordinators to do monthly monitoring at every sector to ensure puntuality of the trainees’ .

His excellency Nana Addo encourage the trainees to work hard in their respective module to empower them to acquire the need skill and competency.

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11 thoughts on “Nabco Trainees allowance would Be paid next week – Akufo Addo Brag’s

  1. Please I started work but I did not received my salary but some did not even start work but they received their money why


  2. I thank the president very much for the good initiative and the bold step to do away with graduate unemployment issue in the country ,bravooo but the time for the payment is worry to us and we plead on behalf of the president ,he should have take a second look at the date 12/12/2018 is too far if he can do it at least 29th of every month or at most 31st of every month we will be glad.some of us started work on Nov and yet still no show ,we a re H.U.N.G.R.Y(hungry).Mr. president…..


  3. About the postings of the newly trained nurses those who are working in the government hospital under the Nabco program will remain as permiment in next year February,2019 good what about training teachers we also need our postings because some of us are working under the Nabco program.


  4. So when will they pay the youth in afforestation program. We have worked for 5 months now n they are yet to pay from August to date. 2020 will our vote will surely count


  5. **** Suggestions ####
    Carry forward NABCO allowance,,,,,,, will rather going to bring down the work force and NABCO effectiveness (programmes spirit ) my advice to H.E . The president of the nation……… thanks


  6. The sovereignty of Ghana is beyond mere threats. The UK prime minister and her fellows should keep their help, because they also need help morally. They should pride down perhaps we (the forever proud Ghanaians) will help build their moral character


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