Nurses clearance will be out soon – Hon. Kwaku Agyemang

Hon. Kwaku agyeman Manu


The ministry of health  has made a clear statement on the posting of nurses to the various Hospital across the country to begin next year february. The minister indicated  that, goverment nurses on the Nabco program will be fix out and the private nurses will remain in the Nabco program .Nabco is to absolve all private nurses to pave way for the government to post the public nurses.

The minister for Health Hon. kwaku Agyemang , again assure staff in the various hospitals to stay calm , new staffs will be added to their number to make their work very effective. He said the government is trying to make their work easy for them , all measures will be put in place to ensure smooth service .

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  1. Tweneboah says:

    Hon. Minister, you talk too much, the painful thing you keep lying, postponing and buying time for you and your npp government…Maybe you are not aware but let me remind you that the whole of 2018 you haven’t employed a single nurse, for this reason, you for whom i personally voted and your boss “akuffo addo” has forever lost my vote, infact until you both are nomore active in the npp party, i will continue to be a floating voter


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