United kingdom will never help Ghana until Akuffo Addo accept homosexual in Ghana- UK prime minister , Theresa May


The prime minister of United kingdom Theresa May voice out on the decision ,the president of Ghana ,Nana Addo made to refuses the acceptance of  homosexual in his country .

Theresa May has made it clear that , UK will never help Ghana in any circumstances of need until the President has legalized homosexuality in Ghana.

The president of Ghana Nana Addo who has heart of Christianity and good respect to his motherland said that , he will never accept homosexuality in Ghana until the people of Ghana requested for it. He said ,as far as the holy Bible speak against homosexuality so as he and his country will go against it.

let’s answer this questions in the comment box below


1.what benefit can homosexuality add to a country economic growh? 

2. why Theresa May wants blacks to do homosexual.
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34 Replies to “United kingdom will never help Ghana until Akuffo Addo accept homosexual in Ghana- UK prime minister , Theresa May”

  1. Family wano twitwi fem for insulting someone who don’t give a flying fuck about you ! She means no harm you all illiterate will insult her


  2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsWhat darkness are you talking about ? You people think homosexuality is a sin ? Men that’s in the new testament and Jesus came to die so everything will be different okay ? Get this straight! HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A SIN , EVERYONE LIKE THAT IS BORN THAT WAY , LIKE PEOPLE ARE BORN ALBINO AND CRIPPLE ARE BORN THAT WAY ! BE ENLIGHTENED 😎


  3. how stupid of theresa may to voice out this act of stupidity
    if your mum had sex with a woman, would you have been born
    God will forever punish you, your generation and the entire British state


  4. She hasn’t seen the Light. The DARKNESS in her is great in deed. Homosexuality is a threat to human survival. Let her understand that majority is not always right.

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  5. Be it, bestiality, paedophilia, homosexuality, or the next abomination they formulate, this is our opportunity to see how morally bankrupt Europeans are and to apreciate our ancestors who lay down this path for us.


  6. The UK and other super powers around the world are trying to force homosexuality on Africans to create an avenue to deport Africans in their countries back to Africa. Now some Africans seeking asylum in these countries have said that they cannot return to their home countries because they are homosexuals and as its a taboo in most African countries they will be dealt with if they return home. Now since these super powers do not want these Africans in their countries they want to solve this problem so what better way to do it than to get the african countries to legalise homosexuality. End of story. With homosexuality legalised it makes it easy for them to deport our nationals without recourse to any law.


  7. How authentic is this piece of information.
    The English write up on de blog is so childish and unprofessional 4 a legit site.


  8. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js
    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsFirst of all she can not do that, because u can’t make someone like what u like.
    And another thing Africans u all need to know every human being have the rights of what they choose to like or love, if u r gay, lesbian or straight u r still a human being liking something different from another human doesn’t make u less of a human understand that Africans if u don’t than u r very wrong. Because if u think God made u straight isn’t the same God that made them too? When did anyone see God to ask if gay n lesbian is wrong? Life doesn’t work just like life works infinity ways peoples it takes a men n a woman to make a baby but that doesn’t mean that is the only way the maker gives lifes that is (God) even now a doctor can make a baby with out a man n a woman having sex. As life goes on we will be able to do more n more different things.
    There will be somethings u may not like or love that doesn’t mean u r right so understand Africans. That’s what I’m going to say about that.


  9. We will not get anything from homosexual is rather anevil act against God, Theresa is the agent of the evil that is why she is forcing Africa to be part of homosexual

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