some kumawood actors are into fraud  business with fake mallams

Kumawood has collapse a very long ago which has left it members no job. Out of hunger, they have decided to work with fake mallams to deceive people to take their money. 

The following Ghanaian kumawood actors are of late playing fake advert for fake mallas  on multi TV channels to deceive people and takes their money.

Big Akwes happens to be one of big stars in kumawood , who is now advertising Nana Agradaa on Thunder TV to deceive people to take their money.  

A woman from Akim Agogoo  Yaa Adomah watched this advert ( program) which was made by Big Akwes on thunder TV . Due to her conditions( sickness and financial problems) that she was going through, she decided to go and see Nana Agradaa to seek for  help from her since Big Akwes has been saying good things about Nana Agradaa.  

Madam Yaa Adomah gather the little amount of money on her and  took a car from Akim Agogoo to Accra suotuom where Nana Agradaa is .  unfurtunate for her , when she got there, she was sent to a room where Nana Agrada works, she was asked to pay money of an amount of thousand Ghana CEDI’s which she couldn’t get . she only got 400 CEDI’s which  Nana Agradaa asked her to give it to her gods which she did.

she was then given instructions to follow when she get home and was told that , the result of her problems will be solved the next day , again Nana Agradaa told her that , if the problems didn’t solve the next day, she should come for her money .

when she got home, she did everything accordingly, but nothing happened the next day, she waited for three days nothing happened, so she decided to go back to Nana Agradaa to take her money back and to her surprise, she was drag out from the house of Nana Agradaa as if she is not a human being . 

KOJO poku mahala is also another kumawood actor who of late has been doing fake adverts for fake mallams on almost all the multi TV channels. He has been telling all forms of lies  to the people of Ghana as well as the world about the good of those fake mallams he is in fraud business with. This act has put a lot of peoplem in mess.

CAUTION :::: Don’t waste your time and money on this fake mallams on Television. if they are the best mallams , they will not charge you before doing anything for you neither coming on television for advert . Good mallams don’t Chase people to come to them .  Be wise !!!!!!

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