start making money with WordPress

The biggest challenges that new bloggers  encounter is how to monetize their site to earn income which l used to be a victim but now l have found the simplest solution which l wanna share with you.

when l started the blogging , l used to ask my self couple of questions on how to make money from my site as you have been going through . But thank God ,the solution is here.

please follow this few steps to monetize your site

wordpress allow you to monetize your site only if you are on the upgrade plans (premium and business plan) .

please note : WordPress does not allowed you to used ” get rich quick” methods here , if that’s your motive for joining WordPress then forget it, it rather pays you more on the numbers of pageviews you get in a month , so you have to write good contents for people to like.

WordPress has open it doors for new bloggers who wants to make money on their blogs.

it set a new monetize strategic way  with wordads for you right here

Word ads show ads on your site for your site viewer’s to click and then you will start earning something just like AdSense.

To qualify for wordad , you should purchase a WordPress plan  and map it  by going to your plan on your dashboard., make the purchased domain( exp : as a primary domain . After this procedure, wordad will automatically installed and will appears on your dashboard.

make sure you have PayPal working email ( the email you used when registering for paypal account),

To connect wordads account to paypal follow this steps

– go to your dashboard,

-click on settings

– click on wordads and select settings

-type in your PayPal working email.


– go to dashboard, click on wordad and do your settings


The earning will be sent to your account immediately you reach wordpress threshold of $100 . click here to read more .thank you for reading

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