.click to read ….Don’t join blood donations organized by rich people in Africa

Some rich people ( some pastors, occultic men, businessmen and money ritualis )they have swerve their way of sacrificing blood to their Spirit (god) , in the previous years, they kill people physically and take blood and other body parts for sacrifices in Africa.

But now they have draw a strategic plan by involving the  heads of some hospitals and support them financialy to organize blood donations which they will pleade with the innocents people to donate blood to save life of patients who are in need of blood transfussion which is not so.

But the reality is that , they bribe the hospital heads and takes their portion of the blood donations.

After the blood donations they have their percentage of the blood to be taken to their gods for sacrifice.

After few month of the blood donations, the person who’s blood have been sacrifice to their god, will died.

People shouldn’t involve their self in any blood donations , if you are not sure of where the blood is going to. Because it has been happen in Nigeria.

Be aware and vigilante in any move you take.


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