HOW TO TREAT DIABETES MELLITUS with nutritional medicine.( TIENS product)

DIABETES MELLITUS popularly known as Diabetes (DM) is a disease resulting from the breakdown in the body ability to produced or use insulin.

Again is a disease of pancrease ,an organ behind the stomach that produces the hormone known as insulin. insulin convert the glucose (sugar) that we get from the food we eat into energy to be utilized by the cell (body).

when someone has diabetes, the pancreas either cannot produce enough insulin for the cell (body) utilizations or the cell (body) cannot use the produced insulin to work or both.

Insulin works hand-in-hand with the glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream to help it enter the body’s cells to be converted into energy for cell utilization.


the underlying cause of DM is not yet confirmed but predisposing factors are the second caused of this Diabetes. These factors include 

-Genetic or hereditary ( from generation to generation in the family).

– microorganisms ( bacteria, virus)

-Autoimmunity ( immunity fighting the body cells)


-physiological and emotional stress

-pregnancy ( Gestational diabetes)

– some medication ( oral contraceptive). 

normally, Diabetes occures in two primary forms :

Type1/ insulin dependent diabetes mellitus ( IDDM).  in this form of diabetes, inadequate amounts of insulin is produced by the pancreas , resulting in the need of insulin injection. This normally result from childhood.

 Type2 / non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).  This form result from inability of the cell to utilized the produced insulin or inadequate insulin produced to be used to convert the glucose.  this normally occurs after age 40 . 

Additional type is gestational diabetes mellitus which only affects pregnant women and got relief when she gives birth.


 – hyperglycemia

– hypoglycemia

– weight loss

– weakness 

– excessive urination ( polyuria)

– excessive hunger( polyphagia)

-excessive thirsty ( polydispsia)

– fatigue


– itching skin 

– Blurred vision –

-poor skin wound healing / delayed wound healing.

– ketouria ( patients with diabetic ketoaccidosis may have fruity breath).


– Insulin replacement

– Nutritional management/diet

– Exercise 

-Exercises along with weight reduction

– Proper diet management

– Oral antibiotics
NOTE:: All these do not cure or reduce the danger of diabetes  but just to moderate it .
BUT follow this recommendations from Tianshi Healthcare with do all.

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