What to do when there is fire outbreak


fire outbreak is part of accident which normally occurs at our homes , office, and fuel machines as a result of electric spark, source of fuel(petrol, wood, fabric) and oxygen(air).

Fire spread very quickly, so rapid, clear thinking at fire scene is vital. you have to warn anyone at risk and alert emergency service immediately. Anyone who is panic should be calm down. 

Make sure that, any fire causing factor should be removed ( electric metres should be put off, any flammable materials such as fuel and also closed doors to prevent the increase in oxygen content which  may fan the flame)

If you are leaving the burning building, try to help others in the building and make sure you don’t put your life  at risk.

NOTE THIS: if you are leaving the burning building, ensure the following steps

– Activate the first fire alarm you see, if any.

-close each door behind you as you go. to reduce air into the burning room.

– Do not run , but walk quickly and calmly, ( running may increase air blow as well as oxygen content which may increase the flame). 

Again don’t forget the triangle of fire and remove them as early as possible. these are fuel, oxygen and ignition ( electric spark , naked flame) .

NOTE ::  Don’t attempt fighting fire after rescue of those at risk unless you called the emergency ( fire service) 


 1 .if you have a burning fire on the a casualty, tell him not to run but rather, he should go down on the floor and start rolling on the ground till the flame is off his body .( if the casualty is running, the oxygen content in the air will increased the flame to burn more).

  2 .If any nonflammable cloth is available ( wet blanket) ,you can use it to cover the casualty and roll him on the ground to smother the flames ( act very quickly) . follow this steps 

– stop the casualty who is running or panicking to stop because any of these activities will fan the flame.

– Drop the casualty to the ground

– if possible, wrap the casualty tightly in a coat, curtain or blanket ( not the nylon type) , or any heavy nonflammable fabric.

-Roll the casualty along the ground to smother all the flames.

3. If water or non – flammable liquid is available, lay the casualty down with the burning side uppermost and extinguish the flames by dousing or putting him in plenty water.
NOTE:: if your own cloth catch fire and help is not available, extinguish the flames by wrapping yourself up tightly in suitable material , and rolling along the ground.

Don’t attempt  to smother any fire in a confined space , this normally  create a highly dangerous environment that is low in oxygen concentration but high in carbon monoxide and toxic fumes ,. Don’t enter a fume-filled building or open doors of such building, leave to the emergency service. ( fire service). 
If by accidentally trapped in burning building, go into the window and shit the door ,. if you are to pass through a smoke, lay low on the floor , the air at the floor is the clearest.

if you have to pass through window, go out with feet first and lower yourself to the length if your arms before dropping on the floor.
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