FOCUS ON YOUR DREAM  part 1(A motivational story)


LIFE is  not a race nor a trace, so whenever you are doing anything just be FOCUS .Never look left or right which can caused you a distraction .

people will say  much against  your services ,never let it distract you ,others too will be grad for your services,all that matters is focusing on the path you are walking on to achieve your dream.

Never gives up in life , let the thought of your enemies motivate you to do more .l will like to introduce a man called shatta wale into this conversation,

Shatta wale was once rejected by Ghanaians when he started his career as an artist .people were mocking at him and stuff but he never listen to their critics and focus on working  hard to achieve his dream of becoming a super star . he took advantage of the critics his enemies and build his confidence towards his dream…yes shatta wale has made it big so you can do same .

He was once threw away just like a seed ,not knowing that ,seeds do not got spoil but rather grow and becomes a big tress .watch this video


The video has explained it all so see yourself as a seed which has been throw away , have the courage to grow up to become the biggest tree.

focus on your dream ,don’t let anything distract you. thanks for reading .

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