What to take to the NABCO Interview
On the day of the Interview, be sure to arrive at the district early and smartly dressed.

*Here are the things you need to take to the NABCO Interview:*

*Completed NABCO Application (Printed)

*Interview Slip (Printed)

*NSS Certificate / Proof of taking part in National Service (Original Copy)

*Original Copy of Tertiary Certificate (Degree, HND, Diploma, etc)

*ID Card used to register (Voters ID/Passport/NHIS/National ID Card)
Birth Certificate

* 1 Passport Photo

4th-15th June, 2018  Interview Appointment Booking
18th – 25th June, 2018 Revenue Ghana Interview
26th June – 2nd July, 2018  Digitize Ghana Interview
3rd – 6th July, 2018  feed Ghana Interview
7th- 11th July, 2018  Civic Ghana Interview
12th – 17th July, 2018  Enterprise Ghana Interview
17th – 21st July, 2018  Educate Ghana interview
23rd – 25th July, 2018  Heal Ghana Interview
30th July – 3rd August, 2018  Orientation for Selected 100,000
4th August, 2018  Passing out Ceremony

Thank you

Lawer Agormanor

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