Clearance  for unposted 2016 NAP And NAP batch on the way coming

Update on 2016 NAP and NAc graduates
Ministry receives clearance to post unemployed nurses coming March 22nd 2018.
 The Ministry of Health has said it has received clearance from the Finance Ministry to post the unemployed 2016 NAP and NAC batch of nurses to various health facilities in the country. The health Minister Hon.Kwaku Agyemang spoke at a conference held by government body on Friday evening.
In furtherance of the Strategic Development Goals and improving primary health care, the Ministry of Health has targeted of employing more nurses this year to address serious health challenges in the country.
 The Government with the support of its development has inaugurated many CHPS compounds through out Ghana.
The Community Health and Planning Services (CHPS) programme has been adopted by the Ministry’s Development Partners and these international agencies are funding the construction of more CHPS compound s with modern facilities through out the deprived areas of Ghana.

The CHPS compound is the basic unit of the health care delivery system in Ghana. Nurses are expected to be posted to these facilities to take care of the health needs of communities to address the Sustainable Development Goals.
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